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Jeremy Hill

Crawford Media Services
Marketing Manager
Atlanta, Georiga
Crawford Media Services provides turn-key media solutions for television, film & archival clients. Crawford delivers the best in digitization, archiving & asset management solutions, as well as creative editorial, ADR, film transfer, color correction, and sound design/mixing. For over 30 years, Crawford Media Services have provided award winning, turn-key electronic media solutions for Institutions, TV, film and archival clients. Crawford specializes in large migration projects; however, all projects have unique demands requiring approaches that differ from normal industry practices in order to be cost effective and to complete migration in the shortest practical time – regardless of the volume of work. Crawford’s Atlanta facility is specifically designed to be a reliable, high quality, secure and completely redundant technical facility to better serve our customers. Furthermore, Crawford has a wide range of playback machines – both current SD/HD and legacy tape formats – and a team of engineering, IT and production personnel in-house with many years of experience to ensure optimal playback of vintage video, high-speed data movement and several encoders, transcoders and editorial platforms to support any file-based workflow. Crawford’s facility also includes secure climate-controlled storage rooms with ample space to house tapes not being worked on by Crawford personnel. In addition, our infrastructure includes one of the most advanced, high-performance, privately owned data centers in the world.